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How To: Hang a Christmas Wreath

Traditional holly, fresh spruce or rustic woodland… oh the choices! We love wreaths here at Croston, but we also love doors too, which is why so many wreath hanging techniques just won’t do for us.

Hammering a nail into a composite door simply isn’t an option, and metal wreath hangers have a tendency to get stuck, making it difficult to open and close your door as well as causing damage to the door and frame.

So last year, we went on a mission to find an easy, safe way to decorate our doors. After searching the aisles of Homebase, we found an array of adhesive hooks. Available in a range of colours and sizes, we opted for a metal look hook by the brand Command.

Although traditionally intended to be stuck on the outside of a door, we decided to attach the hook, using the enclosed adhesive strip, to the rear of the door, upside down. After looping a festive, thick ribbon over the top of the wreath, it was then easy to hold the ribbon over the door and tie in a knot around the hook.

Not only does this style of hanging look wonderfully traditional, it is a damage free way of decorating your door, and lasts throughout the festive season!

1. Buy Command Damage Free Hook (or similar.)

2. Attach (upside down) to rear of door.

3. Take thick ribbon and loop over top of wreath.

4. Hang ribbon over top of door, adjusting length of ribbon until desired position is achieved.

5. Secure in place by tying ends of ribbon in knot around hook.

6. Be Merry!

Posted on: 08-Dec-2017

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